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A Note

From the guests of our Festival:

Inger Droog:
Dear Reiki Friends,
It is hard to believe that it’s already more than one month that we were together at the Dutch Reiki Festival in Lunteren!
I must confess it has taken me this time to integrate the experience, the stories both told and heard while meeting so many well-known as well as new Reiki friends who attended.
For me, the energy in the room was peace-filled, gentle and deeply respectful to the memory of Phyllis, while we listened to the Heart of Johannes Reindl and how he experienced his succession to Lineage Bearer. I loved sharing the stories about the beginning of Reiki in The Netherlands because my beloved Teacher and Friend Wanja Twan suggested in the early 1980’s that it would be a good thing for me to go there to introduce Reiki.
I felt truly inspired by the musical messages with Fredna; the personal stories I was privileged to hear in the hallways; the energy of all who were gathered who are still enthusiastic about their life-changing decision to learn Reiki and continue on their path of personal growth by serving others with Universal Life Force. I’m so very grateful to have had this shared experience with you!
A wise person once told me: “You teach best what you need to learn most”. I pray that we all may continue to teach and learn while we grow into our clear and compassionate Self. May our love of Reiki assist us all to seek our Truth and share our hearts as we serve in our World.
Many Blessings of Light for you all!

Paul Mitchell:
My dear friends in Reiki,
It was a joy for me to be with you for the Reiki Festival this year. I am so grateful to Rolf, LiLi, and family for organizing such a beautiful and wonderfully orchestrated day for us. The balance, the timing, the music, the slide-shows were magical. The celebration of the history of Reiki in the Netherlands, the remembrance of those who have given so much, and our shared experience of living in this time of significant change was unique and timely. I have deep gratitude to all of you for receiving the story of Phyllis’ final gift to us in choosing her successor and your loving reception of Johannes.
When we gather as we did, the power of our individual lives in Reiki, the dedication to our practice and to service in the world were we live, can be felt so deeply and profoundly. All that each of us brings, all of our history, joins in a way that nourishes us all. We are blessed at the same time that we are blessing. Let us acknowledge and open to the power of what we create.
With love and appreciation.

Johannes Reindl:
I arrived very late on the night before the Reiki Festival in Lunteren. Due to work in Austria I could not come earlier. When I arrived I was very tired from work and could not imagine connecting with many people the next day. I hoped that over night I would somehow recover and have energy for the day.
But in the morning I initially felt worse. I asked myself, “How can I honestly and openly share my story if I don’t feel the energy to connect and be present?” When I entered the entrance hall with so many people I felt a bit intimidated. Many wanted to connect, hug and greet. I thought, “Hopefully they don’t feel that I am not ready yet.”
And then I went into the meeting hall and felt the energy from all the participants present, from Li-Li and Rolf who had been organizing for a long time and all their helpers and for sure Reiki. Many familiar faces and many people I had not met before. Then I thought, “Okay, I can do it.”
Listening to Inger Droog and her beautiful and energizing stories, and the stories from all who shared, supported me a lot to be prepared and share my own story.
It was a very beautiful and honoring festival for me. I am deeply thankful for the invitation and the possibility to connect. Even though we were with so many, in the encounters I always felt the deep connection we hold through our shared practice of Reiki.

Read: “In Her Own Voice”, Phyllis Lei Furumoto about Reiki.